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Eco Considerations

As a company we endeavour to design buildings and housing that endure and create real value, not just for the client, but for the environment and the environmental challenges of the next generation. Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings is a major step.


Please consider the following when you decide to build…


● Green rooves

● Ground and Air Source Heat pumps

● Re-use & Re-cycle

● Rainwater Harvester

● Grey Water

● Low energy lighting

● Bore hole water supply

● Reed beds

● Biodiversty

● Photovoltaics

● Solar Panels


We have recently moved and have experienced some of the above. Our original structure was an old grit stone cow barn set into a sloping hillside. This has been refurbed and a new extension added. It is in a conservation area and on the edge of the greeen belt so there were many restrictions. All the structure is second hand grit stone with staffordshire blue reclaimed roof tiles and green oak beams. Second hand york stone paving and stone walling were used in the garden. We have an Air Source Heat Pump that provides under floor heating, Photovoltaics that supply electricity to us and the national grid.  Solar panels provide us with hot water, and our own Bore Hole for a water supply. We needed to excavate lots of clay so we made a huge pond, which now supports lots of wildlife ducks, newts, frogs, dragonflies, water voles.


We supply power to the gird with our excess elictricity and they send us a cheque. The Solar gives us masses of hot water for free. These small changes to our building project were not inexpensive but we chose tham as part our build cost.


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